Amino Aloe Lotion (100ml)



HerbaZone Amino Aloe Lotion (100ml)

HerbaZone Amino Aloe Lotion is a feather light lotion which contains the herb, Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a succulent in the Lily family, with fleshy leaves containing a natural gel used topically for centuries for a wide variety of skin ailments. Aloe Vera is rich in anti-inflammatory substances, as well as compounds that help treat pain, reduce swelling and quell itching.

Aloe Vera dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to get to an injury, thereby speeding up the healing process. Aloe Vera has the ability to inhibit a number of bacteria, viruses and fungi. These attributes of Aloe Vera makes Amino Aloe Lotion effective against burn wounds, sun burnt skin, minor skin wounds, and even painful shingles by relieving pain and reducing itching.

Amino Aloe Lotion may even promote the demise of warts due to Aloe Vera’s antiviral properties.

Amino Aloe Lotion can also be used as an all-over, nourishing and refreshing body lotion. Besides Aloe Vera, it contains Jojoba oil, Evening Primrose oil and Chamomile extract. Chamomile has soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties, while Jojoba oil penetrates the skin deeply, to unclog hair follicles and prevent sebum build-up. They act synergistically to prevent the problem of ingrown hair and shaving rash, after leg, underarm and facial shaving. Amino Aloe Lotion is ideal as a day-or night cream for teenagers with an oily skin, while promoting a radiant complexion free of spots, blemishes and acne.

Herbazone Amino Aloe Lotion contains the following unique ingredients:

* Aloe Vera  extract
*  Jojoba oil

*  Evening Primrose oil
*  Chamomile extract

Directions for use: Apply generously to entire body after bathing or showering. Can be used as a day-or night cream for persons with an oily skin. For the relief of psoriasis, eczema, shingles or an itchy rash, apply three times a day to affected area.

Contains no artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives.


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