HerbaGuard Shampoo (250ml)


HerbaZone Herbaguard Shampoo (250ml) 

This unique shampoo/gel combines Khaki bush (Tagetes minuata) extract with more than 20% natural oils. The essential oils used in this product are Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cajaput Oil, Clove Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. Herbazone Herbaguard Shampoo/Gel is effective as a medicinal shampoo and as an insect
repellant, yet completely natural without harmful chemicals or toxic substances. As a shampoo it is effective against headlice and nits, and helps to resolve dandruff and cradle cap, leaving the hair healthy, clean and shiny. The shampoo/gel can also be used for pets, to ward off fleas, lice and flies. Applied to the skin, it wards off mosquito’s, flies, ticks and other insects. It is gentle enough to be used on babies. Khaki bush or Khaki weed originated in South America and was transported to South Africa in horse bedding and feed. The oil is extracted for the perfume industry and exported all over the world. It is considered one of the most effective, natural insect repellants.

Herbazone Herbaguard Shampoo/Gel contains the following unique ingredients:
*  Tea Tree Oil
*  Lavender Oil
*  Eucalyptus Oil
*  Peppermint Oil
*  Cajaput Oil
*  Clove Oil
*  Khaki bush Extract (Tagetes minuata)

Directions for use:
• Use undiluted as a shampoo for the treatment of head lice: Apply undiluted to hair and scalp, leave on for 5 to 20 minutes and rinse.

• Use undiluted as a shampoo for animals and pets to combat lice, ticks and flees, or apply gel behind ears of pets.

• Spray diluted (1 part Herbaguard Shampoo/4 parts water) onto pets to ward off flies.

• Spray diluted (1 part Herbaguard Shampoo/4 parts water) onto carpets, blankets and cushions where pets lie.

• Use (1 part Herbaguard Shampoo/4 parts water) as an insect repellant on picnic spots and around the food table, in the kitchen and in pantries.

• As a mosquito repellant, spray diluted (1 part Herbaguard Shampoo/4 parts water) solution on exposed skin, or apply gel undiluted to exposed skin.

• Spray around animal cages and food bowls to ward off insects and ants.

• To exterminate ants and termites, pour diluted (1 part Herbaguard Shampoo/1part water) solution down nests.

Warning: Before traveling to a high risk malaria area, consult your healthcare practitioner for appropriate malaria prophylactic medication.

Do not rely on insect repellants alone to prevent mosquito bites in a high risk area. Malaria is a life threatening disease


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