Almond Hand & Body Lotion (130ml)



HerbaZone Almond Hand and Body Lotion (130 ml)

This rich, luxury cream is specially formulated for the South African climate with its typical extreme weather conditions. Herbazone Almond Hand and Body Lotion contains 15% pure essential oils, including Calendula Oil, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil. Calendula Oil is derived from the beautiful, orange Giant Calendula flower and has been used for centuries as a result of its variety of uses.

Precious aromatic oils, like Calendula oil, Neroli oil, Chamomile oil and Rose Geranium oil have been added for their fragrant, soothing and nourishing properties. Neroli oil was named after a 16th century Italian princess, Anne-Marie Neroli, who used the oil to perfume her gloves. The oil is derived from orange blossoms. Chamomile oil is distilled from fresh Chamomile flowers and is a deep blue color as a result of the high concentration of ‘azulenes’ in the oil.

Vitamin E is included in the lotion and acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-ageing agent. It nourishes the skin , while helping to eliminate scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

By using advanced cream processing technology, the oils are emulsified into a water based cream , which doesn’t feel greasy despite the high oil content.

HerbaZone Almond Hand and Body Lotion contains the following ingredients:
*  Almond Oil
*  Avocado Oil
*  Calendula oil
*  Chamomile oil
*  Lavender oil
*  Rose Geranium oil
*  Vitamin E

Application: Apply this luxury cream to the whole body after a shower or bath. Pay special attention to dry and cracked areas, like elbows, heels, knees and hands.

This lotion can also be used on the tender skins of children and babies.



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