Herbal Toner (200ml)


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HerbaZone Herbal Toner (200 ml)

HerbaZone’s Herbal Toner removes all traces of cleanser and embedded pore dirt, while restoring the skin’s acid mantle after the cleansing step.

It helps to stimulate circulation and refine skin texture by contracting the muscles and skin pores. It also stimulates cell regeneration and proliferation, while increasing tissue elasticity.

It promotes a silky smooth and healthy appearance, while controlling sebum secretion. Toning is pleasant and refreshing and should be done immediately after cleansing.

Herbazone Herbal Toner contains the following unique ingredients:
*  Witch Hazel Extract
* Bilberry Extract
*  Chamomile Flower Extract
*  Aloe Barbadensis Extract
*  Sugar Cane Extract
*  Sugar Maple Extract
*  Orange Fruit Extract
*  Lemon Fruit Extract
*  Menthol

Directions for use:
Saturate a cotton wool pad with HerbaZone Herbal Toner. Wipe thoroughly with upward sweeping motions, over neck and face area. Avoid the eye area. Use morning and night after cleansing


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