Rosemary Shampoo with Bergamot (250ml)


HerbaZone Rosemary Shampoo with Bergamot Essence 250 ml

To harness the full revitalizing potential of the unique herb Rosemary, the pure essential oil was combined with a highly concentrated rosemary infusion, in the HerbaZone Rosemary Shampoo. The mild shampoo base has excellent foaming and cleansing properties, while the latest state-of-the-art cosmetic technology has been applied, by utilizing a honey derivative, which not only protects the hair shaft, but promotes the manageability and styling ability of the hair.

Bergamot Essence was added to stimulate hair growth and to strengthen fine hair. In a short period of time, the hair condition will be noticeably improved. The weightless formula ensures body and volume while conditioning and nourishing, leaving the hairstyle in place all day long, but the hair naturally soft and silky to the touch.

HerbaZone Rosemary Shampoo is mild enough to use every day, but strong enough to use when required, with a lasting, natural Rosemary & Bergamot fragrance.

HerbaZone Rosemary Shampoo contains the following unique ingredients:
*  Rosemary infusion
*  Rosemary essential oil
*  Honey
*  Bergamot Essence


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