Herba-Cal-Mag Tablets (60’s)


HerbaZone Herba-Cal Mag Tablets (60’s)

Osteoporosis, Stamina, Insomnia, Menstrual cramps

Each capsule contains:
Calcium (elemental) 150mg as Calcium Lactate, DicalciumPhosphate and Calcium Ascorbate
Magnesium (elemental) 100mg as Magnesium Oxide,   Vitamin C 300mg


This mineral is usually only associated with the prevention of osteoporosis, but in fact, it has numerous
other important functions in the body. If there is not enough Calcium in the bloodstream available for these functions, Calcium will be leached from the skeleton to fulfill the requirements, which ultimately results in brittle bones called osteoporosis. It is almost impossible to the Calcium requirements form the diet alone, since you would have to eat for example, 80 florets of Broccoli to get the recommended daily allowance.

Besides strengthening bones and teeth, what else does Calcium do?
• Move nutrient across cell membranes
• Production of hormones and enzymes
• Communication between nerve cells
• Blood clotting and wound healing
• Muscle contraction – improves stamina in sportspeople

Note: Calcium cannot be absorbed without Vitamin D. In South Africa, we get an abundance of Vitamin D via the skin, because cholesterol in the skin is converted to Vit D.


One of the most important health promoting minerals. Magnesium is easily depleted by stress and intense
physical activity and for this reason nutritional supplements may be necessary for optimal health.

What does Magnesium do?
• Energy production
• Nerve function: Fights depression
• Muscle relaxation: Useful for sports injuries and fibromyalgia. Expands airways to assist asthma.
•Relieves menstrual cramps
• Bone and tooth formation
• Regulates heart rhythm, widens arteries, reduces blood pressure and clots blood
• Aids in the production of insulin
• Prevents osteoporosis in conjunction with Calcium
• Prevents kidney and gallstones
• Helps for insomnia

Magnesium should be taken together with Calcium. Imbalances in the amounts of these two minerals can
minimize their beneficial effect.

Why the Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin C combination: Magnesium is necessary for Calcium and
Vitamins C metabolism. Calcium and Magnesium work synergistically in most of their functions.


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