Herba-C Tablets (60’s)


HerbaZone Herba-C Tablets 60’s


Each tablet contains:
Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) 1000 mg
Rosehip Bioflavonoids 20 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoids 20mg

Rosehip (the bottom part of the rose blossom), is valued as an important source of Vitamin C. Thought you knew all there is to know about Vitamin C? Read on: This is the most versatile and health-enhancing nutrient of all. Because it is water soluble, it is the body’s primary water-soluble antioxidant, and fights damage caused by free radicals in the body’s water (65% of your body is water) mostly inside the cell’s interior. Vitamin C is especially important for city dwellers, since carbon monoxide destroys intracellular Vitamin C.

Vitamin C’s main activity:
Strengthens capillaries and cell walls: Prevents bruising.
Forms collagen: Keeps tendons, ligaments and gums strong and healthy.
Protects against cancer and heart disease as a result of its potent antioxidant activity.

Longevity: Study shows that people taking more than 300mg Vit C/ day live longer than those who

Protects against cataracts: – lens of the eye has the highest concentration of vitamin C of all body parts.
Vitamin C lessens and shortens duration of cold and flu.

Vitamin C is a natural ant-histamine and helps for hay fever and sinus, and prevents asthma attacks.
For diabetics more than 1000mg per day prevents complications of the disease, such as eye problems
and high cholesterol levels.Assists in the absorption of Iron, and therefore prevents anemia.

The RDA controversy: The recommended daily allowance of vitamin C is 60mg per day. Scientists
worldwide agree that this is far too low, and 1000 mg a day is recommended for general health, while
the treatment of diseases may require up to 6000 mg per day.

The benefit of non-acidic Vitamin C:
Most of the time our bodies are too acidic because of all the chocolate, alcohol, biscuits and pizza we
consume – with all its sugar, salt, artificial colorants, chemicals etc. Healthy foods will return your body
to its naturally alkaline state. This will enable you to eliminate the toxins in your body more easily and
break down the acidic byproducts that result from the body’s chemical reactions to them.
Calcium Ascorbate is the non-acidic form of Vitamin C, and a solution in water has a pH of 7-8, while
Ascorbic Acid in solution, has a pH of 2-3. It has exactly the same efficacy as Ascorbic Acid, but will
not contribute to the body’s excess acidity.

Everybody should take 1000mg Vitamin C per day for optimal health.


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