Psyllium Capsules (60’s)


HerbaZone Psyllium Capsules (60’s)


Each capsule contains:
• Psyllium 500 mg

Constipation is difficult to define because bowel habits vary widely from person to person. Most doctors would agree that passing a stool less than three times a week may be considered constipated. In addition, if defecation requires severe straining, it may be beneficial to soften the stool to relieve pain and prevent hemorrhoids.

Psyllium is a tiny, fibrous seed which absorbs water in the intestinal tract to swell to a large voluminous gelatinous mass. The bulk induces peristalsis to relieve constipation, and helps in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulisis. By softening the stool, it makes them easier to pass which is helpful for people prone to painful or bleeding haemorrhoids. In addition, Psyllium absorbs cholesterol-rich bile in the
intestinal tract which helps to lower cholesterol levels, while also helping to prevent gallstones. Psyllium Capsules keep you regular without painful stomach cramps or diarrhoea, and has no habit-forming potential.
Dosage: For constipation, take two capsules with a glass of water before bedtime.

For lowering cholesterol, take 2 capsules with the main meal of the day. Drink at least one full glass of water for every 2 capsules taken.

Warning: Consult your doctor if you notice any abrupt change in the frequency of your normal bowel movement. (This excludes bowel movement induced by laxatives).

Note: Laxatives tend to clear out the colon to a greater extent than normal bowel movement. As a result, the patient may perceive to be constipated again, although the colon is merely taking time to fill up again. This misconception may lead to the abuse of laxatives.

Additional tips to relieve constipation:
• Increase fibre intake.
• Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
• Exercise – get active.
• Respond to the urge to pass a stool immediately.


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