Vision 20/20 Capsules (30’s)


HerbaZone Vision 20/20 Capsules (30’s)

Did you know that certain nutritional substances can improve your night vision and prevent deterioration of detail vision associated with ageing? HerbaZone’s latest nutritional supplement contains all these ingredients in a high potency formula.

*  Proprietary herbal blend 50 mg
*  Bilberry Extract 25% 40mg
*  Co Enzyme Q10 2.5 mg
*  Lutein 5% (derived from Marigold) 10mg
*  Lycopene 10% 20 mg
*  Zeaxanthin 5% 20 mg.

Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Lycopene are potent anti-oxidants and predominantly active in the ‘yellow spot’ of the eye. The yellow spot is situated on the retina directly opposite the pupil of the eye. It literally looks like a yellow spot, and therefore its latin name is Macula Lutea, meaning Yellow Spot. This area of the eye is responsible for detail vision involved in reading. Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is the leading cause of blindness in the Western World. Societies with a naturally high intake of foods containing Lutein,
Zeaxanthin and Lycopene have a very low predisposition to ARMD. Because the Western diet is deficient in fresh, uncooked vegetables, modern man is lacking important antioxidants. This can be corrected by taking Vision 20/20 on a daily basis.

Bilberries have earned their reputation in World War II, when they were consumed in copious amounts by the RAF pilots to improve night vision and dark adaptation.  In addition, many people suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. This can be as a result of diseases, side effects of various medication, exposure to air conditioners, contact lenses or a compromised tear composition. The proprietary herbal blend restores the mucus layer of the tear film. This layer is between the cornea of the eye and the watery layer of the tears, allowing for better coverage and spread of the tear film over the cornea.

By regularly taking 1 capsule of Vision 20/20 per day, you are assured that your vision is receiving all the critical nutrients necessary for 20/20 vision.

Suitable for diabetics, in pregnancy and during breastfeeding


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