HerbaHeat Pain Relief Gel (100ml)


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HerbaZone HerbaHeat Pain Relief Gel (100ml)
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HerbaZone HerbaHeat Gel helps to ease muscle pain and stiffness, painful joints and arthritic aches and pains, by enabling the application of a powerful herbal combination with antiinflammatory properties, directly to the affected area. HerbaZone HerbaHeat Gel is a water based gel highly concentrated in curative herbs, which is easy and pleasant to apply, precluding the need to prepare messy herbal poultices.

HerbaZone HerbaHeat Gel is especially effective against all types of muscle aches and pains, like sprains, muscle strains, traumatized or injured muscles (associated with severe physical exertion), bruises and even joint pains. Pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid- and osteoarthritis is relieved by the improved circulation and heat generated by the mustard in HerbaHeat Gel. Arnica, contained in HerbaHeat Gel, reduces pain and swelling and encourages healing when applied directly to the affected area.

In addition, the volatile eucalyptus oil in HerbaHeat Gel, helps to alleviate symptoms associated with chest ailments like asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and chest tightness, when massaged directly onto the chest and back, by acting as an expectorant and bronchodilator. It is also effective for cold and flu symptoms, since it acts as a decongestant by clearing the nasal passages, the latter also helpful to alleviate snoring and relieve earache and a sore throat as a result of a post nasal drip.

HerbaZone HerbaHeat Gel contains the following unique ingredients:
• Arnica (Arnica Montana)
• Pennywort (Centella Asiatica)
• Mustard (Brassica Alba)
• Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus)

Massage HerbaZone HerbaHeat liberally to the affected area with clean hands. Repeat application at least twice a day.

To speed up recuperation of MUSCLE and LOINT SPRAINS and STRAINS, apply the RICE principle:
• Rest the injured area
• Ice the painful area
• Compress the injury with an elastic bandage
• Elevate the injured area above the level of the heart.

For earache: Apply to the front and back of ear. Do not insert gel directly into the ear canal.

For colds and flu: Apply under nose, on the forehead and on the chest area.

Warning:  If no improvement is apparent within a reasonable period of time, or if symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner.

Not to be used in the eyes or on open wounds and skin lesions.

Only for external use.

Safe for babies and toddlers.


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